The Beginning of a New Chapter: SIT Graduate Institute

Create the grandest vision for your life. Then let every step move you in that direction.

Summer 2016 has come to a close and I can sit back and reflect to how much I’ve grown during those few months. It was one of the best summers of my life, because no matter how hard it was emotionally, I know that I grew as a person geared towards more happiness and purpose than ever before. I was a part of SIT’s Conflict Transformation program, I traveled to South America, traveled to San Francisco, reunited with family that I hadn’t talked to in 15 years, fell out of love and in love, and became closer to my best friends…I spent time really living life rather than overworking myself or stressing out about the future. My values and beliefs were rearranged.

I also moved across the country and am currently beginning a new chapter of my life. My life is completely different than it was last year, and sometimes I try to make sense of it, but I’ve realized that there’s no point. There’s a reason for everything that happens and I’ll just take all of these blessings in and be grateful. The process of becoming the person I’m meant to become is unfolding day by day, and it’s exciting.

I have survived the first week of graduate school at SIT Graduate Institute. 

There are hundreds of pages of reading, work, writing, people to meet, and places to go. The readings are exciting and so are the classes. I’m a full on nerd out here and I love how the people around me are actually really motivated to do the readings as well. I’m grateful to be placed in an incubator of people who see the world differently than I do, because even through meal conversations in the cafeteria I always learn something new.

I’ve been in Vermont for two weeks now, and my life still doesn’t feel real. It’s one of those *pinch myself* moments because I have to remind myself that I’m really here. When God tells you to move and do the things he needs you to do, he REALLY moves with you. It’s either assumed or questioned if I’m going back to Chicago after I’m finished with this degree. My answer is that I’ll go wherever God needs me to be, because there is still a whole world out there to see and a LOT of work that needs to be done.

I am currently pursuing a degree in MA TESOL and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation. It means I’m pursuing a degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a certificate in transforming conflict. I will explain what Conflict Transformation is in another post. I’m also a Resident Advisor on campus, which means I am in charge with one of the dorms on campus, setting up events, and making sure that the students on campus feel right at home.

I got a work study position at the Career Services center to serve as the student-to-staff liaison for the MA TESOL program that I am in. I will be working with students with their resumes, cover letters, CV’s, setting up events on campus, etc. I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of the team because this is the stuff I do for friends and family on the side anyway. I’m always open to helping people get to where they need to go, especially first generation students, because I know exactly how it feels to be lost in the academia world.

Busy life, right? I don’t aim to survive graduate school- I’m aiming to thrive during my experience here at SIT and be open to the resources that this school has to offer.

I’m confident in everything that I’m doing because they feel right, and it’s stuff that I love doing without getting paid anyway. I have fallen in love with myself again, in a way that I am confident in whatever direction life is taking me. There is no room or time for doubting my God given abilities and talents.

I’m living life day by day, making the best of every moment that is presented in front of me.