Scared? Jump anyway.

Sometimes you have to make a decision and you have to jump. I was scared as hell making the decision to move to Costa Rica because I had envisioned my life somewhere else, with someone else. But shit in life happens and I’ve learned to hold my own hands instead. Fear was and is present in my life, but I have decided to make my dreams bigger than my fears. A long time ago I promised God that I would live my best life no matter what happens.

Waited at the Boston Logan Airport for 12 hours.

Moving forward and painting colors back into my life is the best that I can do. I’m 24, single, and I barely speak Spanish. But that’s okay. I’m 24 and I’m about to keep growing and learning. I will still build my dreams, just differently than I previously imagined.

There are questions and doubts every step of the way when you make big decisions in your life. But today, when I saw this pink sky, I knew that I was going to be okay.

My first Costa Rican sunset in Tamarindo!

My dream is to heal, alone, without band aids and to do it the healthy way. I want to pursue my career whole heartedly and to be able to serve people. I want to embrace the unknown, be uncomfortable, and someday soon be completely comfortable with being alone. I want to be truly excited about life again and appreciate everything God has to offer.

Here I go.