I finally got to meet Jen DeLeon!

You got to meet, who? Jen DeLeon! She’s a Filipino-American in her 20s that works in the hip-hop industry in Los Angeles. Actually, she’s now the boss of herself, which is pretty bomb if you ask me.

You have to be humble enough to follow your dreams…

In the Filipino-American world I saw a few things: becoming a nurse, a caretaker, or another position in the medical field. If you don’t do those things, you better secure yourself by becoming a lawyer, an architect, engineer, or a doctor. You have to level it up if you don’t choose the pre-destined Filipino field: nursing. So when I saw Jen Deleon’s work on Facebook back in 2013, I was like, what? She’s in the media industry?

I discovered her on social media when I left nursing school. It’s funny how time works, because I discovered her blog when I actually needed it most.

I felt a little better about choosing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and breaking out of the mold, because I was witnessing someone else (another Filipino-American) do it. Even though me following her was all through social media, representation is seriously so important. I have learned from her that it’s important to share our success because it can help lift up others as well.

She also wrote about how she worked (and still works) a bunch of “odd” jobs in order to keep up the work she is doing today. She didn’t settle for a job for the paycheck when she knew it wasn’t for her. She stated that you have to be humble enough to work odd jobs in order to pursue the career you really want.

It was her writings about God that kept me hooked, because someone that looked like me, and someone my age was finally making some sense about this topic called spirituality and faith. Her church notes and motivational videos led me to discovering Toure Roberts, T.D. Jakes, and Devon Franklin. For the past four years I’ve been listening to a sermon every night, and sometimes even twice a day. When I worked an office job, I used to listen to sermons to get me through the whole day.

How I felt About Meeting Her

Jen’s oppenness about her relationship with God inspired me to work on my own spirituality as well.

We met at a Portillo’s in the suburbs of Chicago, and the meeting was really refreshing. Jen’s a down to earth person, and we talked about a range of things- what I do, what I want to do, our thoughts on relationships, the pressure to become a nurse, and visions for 2018. I also made sure to ask Jen questions like: was there anyone in particular that motivated you to do what you do? Did your parents pressure you to be in the nursing profession? What do you think about me creating a reel even though i’m in the education field?

It was refreshing to brainstorm with someone about my visions and how I could make them happen. After the meeting was over I sat at Portillo’s and wrote everything down. I’m so excited to take action on what Jen and I talked about. The meeting was definitely inspirational for me, and I’m ready to start creating more content!

What was most important was that I wanted to let Jen know that I had been following her work for four years- and that her work means so much, even though she’s in a different field than the one I am a part of.

Watch out, world. My meeting with Jen DeLeon has inspired me even further to go FULL FORCE on what I am put on this Earth to do. I truly believe that God is using this girl to inspire others as well.





Check out her work!

(The kind of inspiration I’ve gotten from her is to create my own video reel as a teacher, despite being in the education field)

Website– http://www.jendeleon.com/

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/jen_deleon

Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/jendeleon11

Twitter– https://twitter.com/jen_deleon