How is your heart and soul?

Is your heart full? Is it whole, or is there something missing? I believe that this is an important question that we always have to ask ourselves in order to reach our full potential.

we do have the power to change our lives and say no to the patterns that have been set down before us.

If I could meet the Aurora from the beginning of 2017, I would hug her and tell her she’s strong enough to make it through this challenging year.

I’ve spent the past six years with this vision of building a career, and chasing after my purpose. I knew that maybe, sometimes, I had been running too fast. And sometimes when you run too fast your soul’s needs stop being met.

At 24 I finished my Masters degree, and I began that masters program as one of the younger ones in my cohort. I know that when the burn out began to kick in, that I had to break in my gear of gratitude because I had asked God for EVERYTHING I have in my life, and he has given me more. Yet that burn out kicked in anyway, and it was as if the fire I had within me dimmed, and I lost myself.

I learned that being whole and healthy is an important life goal to make. I made my mental health and happiness a project, listened to inspirational sermons, read self-help books, traveled, and put myself out there to meet interesting people. I filled myself with GOOD thoughts. I chose who to surround myself with. I said no to toxic people. I moved to a new country.

I learned that you HAVE to help yourself first before other people. I learned to create boundaries. I learned how to say no. I learned that my happiness depends solely on ME, and it is not the outcome of whether someone else is picking up their phone or validating my existence. Of course I knew all of this before… but I had taken a few detours and I needed to find my way back.

Without self-love and solitude, it will always feel like something is missing.

Do you know what IS enough? God. Self-love. Good energy. Compassion.

Having the humility to admit that you aren’t a perfect human being means you’re opening up space so that God can work on you.

There were so many traumas and wounds that were reopened this year- I can truly say that with a lot of genuine work towards our souls, we do have the power to change our lives and say no to the patterns that have been set down before us.

Being aware of my weaknesses meant that I could be honest and work on myself towards becoming better.

The flame that once felt dim is now pretty lit, and after four months of living in Costa Rica, and ending the year in Chicago, I could finally say that I’m truly, genuinely, and consistently happy.

My heart is full. My soul is fulfilled.

I’m ready for 2018 to kick in. Thank you, 2017, for all of the lessons you have taught me.