God Shakes Things Up

The ground can feel a little shaky and I know that these are the times that I need to sit down and just breathe.

Sometimes God shakes everything underneath you to test you and help you get to the next level.

I know that through the photos I have posted on social media it looks like everything has been perfect here. And it has been wonderful. But when you’re in the process of transformation, there are a lot of things that travel challenges in your mind and you need to take a break in order to re-charge. The happy photos on social media do not portray these moments, and I want to keep things as real and as honest as possible.


Sometimes I have found this gray cloud hanging over my head, and despite everything looking perfect on the outside I was still questioning a lot of things in my life.

What is your next step after SIT?

What is your life purpose?

When are you getting married?

When will you have children?

To be honest, these are three things I usually like discussing because I’m 24 and I love seeing people build their lives towards their goals. But there are also a lot of times where it is overwhelming, and I would like to have a pause button and say- wait a minute.

When I was in my undergrad years I filled my schedule to its fullest because I needed to. I looked forward towards graduation and the life after it. The goal was to get through every year with the financial aid application and get approved. Survival mode was the key. I knew that graduating would make my life better because many more doors would open for me.

Now that I am a current MA TESOL student at SIT, I want to enjoy every single day that I am given during this opportunity. It’s a luxury to be able to reflect and actually get to do this with my peers. The time I have there is so limited, and I find out about more opportunities every single day. I don’t want to be so busy thinking about the future that I miss out on appreciating the daily blessings that are right in front of me. I did that during the four years of my Bachelor’s and would rather not repeat it.

The road may not be as clear as it needs to be, and that’s okay. For some reason I am completely content that the road I’m on is the correct one, and I’ll just keep transforming through the lessons I encounter on this road. I want to enjoy this journey and learn from it as much as I possibly can.

If you are having a moment where you feel lost, remember that you are a work in progress and so are a lot of people around you.