God is The Greatest Artist of All Time

“If we truly believed that we were created in His lightness. . .how dare you call yourself worthless when He says you’re priceless?” – Jefferson Bethke

“You know that quote, where we give credit- where credit is due? Well if that’s true it’s about time to give God his rightful credit too. Because he’s the God in making old things new. He’s not through with making a masterpiece of you.”

Take 6 minutes out of your day to watch and listen to this video. I promise, it’s worth watching.

It’s refreshing to see and hear about God in a different light than what is shown by a lot of Christians or how he’s perceived in the media. Religion(s) have completely tainted His image, and many politicians use His name to say that they are the right ones to vote for.

In the end of the day, God is about justice and healing the broken ones. He is not about shaming people or saying they are worthless. God is about using your story and turn it into something good, most often even a miracle.

Since my TEDx Talk I haven’t really found words to write how I truly feel. I shared one of the most vulnerable, painful, and “ugly” moments of my life…but at the same time I am now able to appreciate the beauty in healing, growing, and transition through God.

I do agree with this video and believe that God is the greatest artist of all time.

I’m confident that I am where I am in my life today because I’ve chosen to walk down God’s narrow path. I’m focused, determined, and I’m not getting sidetracked. I know my purpose in life, and I’m going after it with full force.

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