24 Years

It’s my birthday today! This is also my first blog post for 2017.

Insane. Incredible. So many words to describe my life right now, and I am still learning how to take it all in. I’m realizing that everything in my life on social media may seem like rainbows and unicorns all the time- and I can’t deny the fact that it has been incredible for the past few years. It has taken a lot of hard work and I am seeing the seeds manifesting left and right. I have also learned that once you get through a struggle, God stays faithful. He needed you to come out stronger, smarter, and more faithful through a trial because he needs you to transform into the person he needs you to be.

23 was the year of many highlights. First big girl job, speaking at a TEDx event, traveling to South America, moving to Vermont, starting grad school, and even more jobs. It was the year of looking at fear right in the face and saying “I’m going to do this anyway even though there is a possibility that I can fail.”

In my 24 years of life there are many stories that have unfolded. The chapter of my life that is currently being written is unpredictable yet exciting. After studying abroad and seeing the world three years ago I couldn’t imagine how life could possibly ever get better than after traveling the world and learning about so many cultures. It became a lifestyle and after coming back from such a trip I wondered if the best really was yet to come.

And today, as I turn 24, I can affirm that life is still as good. No matter how many bumps and bruises I get through this journey I still wake up and say “thank you, God.” I often look back at the past and celebrate how far I’ve come but I can honestly say that I can look at the present and be just as excited. The future is still left unwritten and I’m excited for life’s surprises.

I have loved, I have lost, but I have also gained so much more.

As I turn 24 and take on the year of 2017, my simple goal is to become the best version of myself for God and the people I have around me.

Be your own greatest love story. What I have come to realize during my constant phases of growth is that you cannot possibly love anyone else if you do not love yourself first.