24 Lessons

If you have followed my social media reel for the past few months, it can show all of the highlights of my life. Traveling internationally, going to graduate school, forming the most incredible friendships, and having a pretty steady career. I have been doing that, and I have been growing as an individual but I’d also like to throw this in there: life is not perfect, and behind those photos are moments of struggles. Behind those moments are times of what we all go through: life lessons and reality. The blog posts that inspired me and saved me when I was younger were the ones where people wrote and spoke about what they had to go through in order to get to the life and peace they were living. So here is a list of what I have learned and most likely needed to remember during different circumstances.

Lessons I have learned these past 12 months:

  1. Education is the best investment you can have with yourself. Your career will not leave you, and it’s a bonus if you have chosen a career where you can experience love and give service to others.
  2. You can dream, dream, dream. But life is hard, and sometimes those dreams can be shattered in the matter of seconds.
  3. Although life is hard, you have to try and find reasons to love what you have been given anyway.
  4. It’s okay to sit with yourself, cry, and heal naturally. Do not rush this process. Do not numb your feelings. Do not rely on artificial things to patch up your wound with a band aid temporarily.
  5. You can learn a lot by sitting outside and appreciating nature. Trees are friends too.
  6. I feel much, much better hanging out in nature than eating my stress or emotions out.
  7. Somehow the universe has surrounded me with incredible, supportive, and loving people. I just have to remember that and let them know my appreciation while they’re in front of me.
  8. If you have made a promise to travel with someone in another country, and they change their mind, go anyway. Go solo and go by yourself instead of getting angry/disappointed/and sad. Accept that people have different priorities. I would rather look back and see visions of me having the balls to go solo anyway.
  9. You can talk about dreams with someone else, and if life changes its course, you can still build those dreams on your own.
  10. Breathe. Pray. Write. Listen to upbeat music. Drink coffee. Lose yourself in books. Write your dreams to existence. Spend time alone.
  11. We can be drained of all the strength we have left. But, as long as your heart is beating, it means that you still have a purpose in this life.
  12. To look at social media less. As much as I love it, it’s inevitable to compare your life with others. Social media only shows the highlights of someone’s life and you have to remember that.
  13. Whoever’s Facebook or Instagram feed you see/creep often are also the people you choose to be mentally surrounded by. Pick wisely.
  14. As much stigma there is around mental health, educate yourself towards healing and becoming a healthy individual. Others can only help you so much- you have to help yourself first.
  15. Fears are real, and you cannot conceal them. You must address them and stare at them in the face.
  16. It’s okay to call your mom and dad and tell them you’re having a hard time even when you’re 24. I’ve been so independent the past six years that I’ve forgotten this… thank you, mom and dad for giving me strength and reminding me of how much God truly loves me.
  17. My sisters who have babies to take care of were willing to fly out to another part of the US to show their love and support. That reminds me that my family is there no matter what.
  18. My circle of ‘family’ can grow through true friendships. They will be there for you no matter what.
  19. You must truly believe in yourself and the life you’re creating in order to be joyful and happy.
  20. It’s okay to take a break. Life is not a marathon.
  21. Look at your accomplishments and how far you’ve gone in life not to brag, but to appreciate your resilience no matter how much shit life has thrown your way.
  22. I have learned to be more comfortable in my own skin.
  23. Yes, we should be kind to others. But while being kind to others we must remember to be kind to ourselves as well.
  24. Book that one way ticket. Embrace the unknown. Embrace life anyway.

How about you? What life lessons have you been introduced to these past few months? Any lessons that you’ve already learned, but needed to remember anyways?

Comment below 🙂